Do You Have Trouble With Food Sticking To Your Pans? Proper Care Of Non-Stick Bakeware

If you have a set of high-quality, non-stick Swedish bakeware, you might be wondering how it can be considered so good if you have food sticking to it all the time. The problem is, you need to know how to take care of it if you want it to retain its non-stick quality. Here are a few dos and don'ts that will help you avoid having to replace your bakeware too soon.


Season the Pan

Seasoning involves rinsing the pan with water, drying it completely and then using a paper towel and rubbing in a teaspoon of oil. Be sure to cover the entire inside of the pan, sides included. Once lightly coated, place the pan in a 300 °F oven for an hour. After you take it out and it has cooled, wipe out any excess oil.

Use Oil when Baking

Just because the pan is non-stick does not mean to avoid adding additional lubricant if the recipe calls for it. There are some recipes that say to use and ungreased pan, and you should do that. However, if it calls for greasing the pan, add a bit of oil or shortening to the pan. Just use a bit though; you are trying to assist the non-stick property, not create a greasy buildup.


Stack Pans

When you store non-stick pans, avoid putting them inside each other without anything between them. Now that you no longer need to use parchment or wax paper when baking, use these between pans that you will nestle together to avoid scratching the finish.


The temperature of the water in a dishwasher is hot enough to damage the non-stick coating on the pans. It removes the oils in the pan, and you will end up with a sticky mess instead of a smooth, non-stick surface. Keep in mind, since foods do not stick the them, they are very easy to clean. It is best to just wipe them with a cloth and avoid using a de-greasing dish detergent.

Metal Utensils

It can be very tempting to grab a fork when you cannot find a clean wood or rubber spatula to get the food out of a non-stick pan. However, no matter how gentle you are, you can scrape the pan, destroying the surface and putting pieces of it into the food.

Non-stick bakeware, such as that from iPinium USA, was created to make clean up in the kitchen easier. However, if you do not properly care for the pans, you will have a set that food sticks to more than a nice stainless steel set, which you will end up buying when your non-stick stuff doesn't work any more.