Energy Breath Mints Help Get You Through The Day

Everywhere you look you see products advertised to boost your energy. It seems in this fast paced world we need help to stay on our toes and ahead of the competition. However, these energy products contain caffeine, which some people should avoid, many people need to limit, and most people find addicting. While sugar can give you a rush of energy, it also has a big let down when the rush wears off. In addition, it is not any better for you than caffeine. If you find yourself looking for a way to keep your energy up and avoid being over-caffeinated, energy breath mints are the solution. Here are just a few benefits to these little boosts of energy.

Ingest a Smaller Amount of Caffeine

Energy breath mints do not provide the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee or an energy drink. They are not going to keep you up all night if you have one after dinner. However, they are enough to get you going in the morning, push through the after-lunch drowsy time, and make sure you stay awake and alert on the drive home after a long day. You won't feel jumpy or nervous, just awake and alert. In addition, because it is not a large amount of caffeine, when the effects wear off you do not crash. You are simply back to the state you were in before you ate one.

Get Rid of Caffeine Headaches

If you are trying to get off caffeine, whether due to a medical condition or just because you know it would be best to limit your intake, you will suffer from caffeine headaches as a form of withdrawal. To help you get through this pain, and yet not encourage the addiction, eat an energy breath mint. When first trying to cut back you may need to take a couple of them over time before the headache goes away. That is one advantage to the mints, you have more control over how much caffeine is in your system.

You do not have to go through the day feeling either drowsy or all jumpy and nervous. Instead of having another cup of coffee, soft drink, or energy drink, eat an energy breath mint. In addition to keeping you awake and alert, they will also keep your breath smelling fresh. This is a nice change from coffee breath or the sugary breath you get from too much soda or energy drink.

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