Health Conscious Club: Freebies To Give Your Customers To Keep Them Coming Back

If you own a health food store, you may need to bring in customers who are interested in beginning a new healthy lifestyle to develop more clientele. Since specialty health food stores often cost more than typical grocery stores, you need to find a way to bring in customers and provide services that bring more income. If you are looking for ways to keep the customers rolling in, there are some freebies that you can give a way in order to gain more business. Here are a few freebies that offer that will keep customers coming back:

Start a green tea of the month offer

Everyone knows that green tea is one of the best healthy drinks that you can purchase. Regular green tea is great to drink as a system flush in the morning or at night. You can even make sun tea or honey tea by soaking green tea and leaving it out on the window sill. Since there are so many varieties of green tea and so many different recipes you can try with green tea, a green tea of the month is one way to give away freebies. You can offer a new green tea sample each month for every customer who comes in your store. The tea should come with information on the county of the tea and a new recipe on how to enjoy the cup of tea. Learning fascinating ways to enjoy healthy food will keep customers who want a healthy lifestyle rolling into your store. 

Sweetener samples

One of the issues with food, especially drinks, is that they often have too much sugar. Too much sugar in the diet is one of the reasons why diabetes and other health related issues are prevalent. To help combat this problem and give customers tips on sugar alternatives, you should offer sweeteners as samples after a customer purchase. Sweeteners can include honey, agave, and other syrups that sweeten food and drink without detrimental health consequences. Offering a sampler of these can also help to move your sweet products a little bit faster. 

Candy club

Giving children candy often causes arguments in households. Having a lot of candy can be bad for children's temperament and bad for their teeth. If you want to bring more families into your store, start a candy club where you offer samples of organic and health conscious candy to families with children. This will provide alternatives to candies on the typical market and encourage kids to encourage their parents to shop at your store for their new treats. 

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