Fibromyalgia, B-Vitamin Complex, And You: Why You May Be Suffering From This Disorder

The human body requires a specific amount of vitamins and minerals every day. With the way modern people eat, many aren't getting enough of the vitamins and minerals they need. What is more, there has been a rise in people diagnosed with neurological and muscular issues. One of these medical problems is fibromyalgia, a condition where the nerves that connect to your muscles are constantly misfiring and mis-signaling your brain, causing you a lot of pain and fatigue. Recent investigations into the disorder reveal that the problem may be related to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Take a look. 

B-Vitamin Complex and the Nervous System

All B vitamins support the development and proper functioning of the nervous system. They help nerves grow, and they are responsible for assisting in the proper transmission of electrical signals to your brain. Vitamin B12, for example, is responsible for focus, memory, concentration, mood, etc. People deficient in this vitamin (many of which are vegans) suffer hair loss, depression, chronic fatigue, and yes, fibromyalgia. Patients with fibromyalgia report feeling less tired, more alert, and less stressed when they take this supplement. 

Vitamin B1 is responsible for cellular growth and regrowth. People deficient in B1 suffer degenerative diseases of the nervous and circulatory systems. Again, patients on a B1 supplement seem to suffer less nerve pain associated with fibromyalgia than when they do not take this supplement. Many of the other vitamins from the same B family have related responsibilities to muscle tissue, cell growth, and nervous system support. 

No Tests for B Deficiencies

Doctors can test for a lack of Vitamin D and calcium, but B vitamins are not exactly a top priority for testing. Doctors wait, watch, and prescribe medications to see if it improves your fibromyalgia symptoms. While they prescribe expensive pharmacological products, you might want to investigate alternative medicines, such as Dr. Wallach products, which are strictly vitamin and mineral "super-supplements." Take magnesium and all your vitamin B's daily. If you notice marked improvements when you start your supplement regiment, you may be able to stop the prescription medications and take just supplements to help you feel better. 

Eating Your Vitamins and Minerals

You can eat your vitamins and minerals, but it requires a very rigorous and consistent routine of learning, measuring, and balancing the right foods every day to get enough. Most people do not have that kind of time, which is why they eat so poorly. Swallowing supplements takes only a few minutes of your day, and requires no complex meal planning. 

Look into a supplement, such as Dr. Wallach Products, to improve your diet.