3 Effective Treatments for Parents Dealing with Colic Babies

Raising a baby comes with its fair share of challenges. More particularly, they may cry a lot. If this happens for an extended period of time, it is called colic. To give the baby relief and yourself a break, try these treatments. 

Soothe With Motion

Motion can have a profound effect on babies that cry a lot during the day. It eases their tension. You don't even need advanced equipment to provide your colic baby with soothing motions.

For example, you can just sit in a rocking chair and glide back and forth. This will bring them to a calmer state, and most of the time, they'll stop crying completely. Or, you can just hold your baby in your arms and gently move them back and forth. Just make sure your motions are gradual, as you don't want to jerk and startle your baby suddenly. 

Try a Pacifier

There's a reason why most babies in their early stages use pacifiers. This device simulates the sucking on a mother's breast, and it may be just enough to calm your colic baby and make them go back to sleep.

When your baby starts crying for an extended period of time, just pop a pacifier in their mouth. They should think they're eating and become less restless. You need to make sure the pacifier is the appropriate size, though. Otherwise, your baby won't be able to suck properly and the pacifier may fall out of their mouth repeatedly. 

Utilize Warmth

Every time you take a warm bath, you probably have a tendency of drifting off to sleep because of how relaxed you and your body are. Well, this can work for a colic baby. Warmth will make them feel comforted and then their crying will start to subside.

There are many ways you can apply warmth to their body in a safe manner today. For example, you can warm up some milk in a bottle and then place it on their belly. This works for a lot of colic babies. Or, you can warm up a towel in the dryer and then place it on their side or back. 

Having to deal with baby colic is perfectly normal, but it can take its toll on your sleep and patience. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods you can try that can relieve your baby of this excessive crying. Just keep trying methods until you find something that works perfectly.