Differences Between Tupelo Honey & Regular Honey

When you purchase honey, a majority of the options are standard honey, but you can also find tupelo honey for sale. The specialty honey is a lot different than standard honey. You can instantly taste the difference when comparing the two, but learning about the origins and history will also showcase what makes tupelo honey so special.

Learn about the differences and why tupelo honey is a lot harder to find on store shelves than traditional honey.


Traditional honey is produced all over the world as bees pollinate plants and create honey in large hives. The unique aspect of the tupelo honey is that the honey is only harvested from tupelo trees located in the southeast United States. Swampy areas in states like Florida and Georgia are home to the trees.

Beekeepers must bring hives out to the swampy locations so bees can feed off the trees and create the honey. The unique process and limited location is what makes the tupelo honey a rare find and less common than traditional honey.

The rarity changes by season as well. High winds or climate change could result in the trees not flowering a lot in a specific year. If this happens, the available honey will dwindle down and the market value of the honey will naturally increase.


The flowers that bloom on the tupelo tree results in a very unique color tint. When the honey is first cultivated from the combs, you will see a light green tint. The tint may fade over time, but the fresher the honey is, the more green you will see in the product. The tupelo trees do not grow near other flowering plants, allowing the honey creations to be almost completely produced from the tree.


One of the most important factors with tupelo honey is the flavor. While traditional is rich and thick, tupelo honey is known for the light floral taste the honey brings with each bite. The honey also has a lingering aftertaste that includes a sweetness with more flavor profiles than regular honey.

The honey is not only great on its own, but many recipes will include tupelo honey. For example, many yogurt recipes include a mixture of honey with fruits to increase the flavors. The honey adds a nice sweetness to meals like chicken or chili. For breakfast, something simple like tupelo honey on toast is an ideal way to round out a meal.

The best way to see the difference for yourself is to purchase and try some tupelo honey for sale.